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Love the WirePro!

Love the WirePro! It's easy to keep it neat and compact and just as easy to expand when needed. Will be ordering more to replace the conventional cables I have.


This has the look of an iMac. The stand has good weight, great finish and the clamps around the iPad are strong. The swivel works great too with a good amount of resistance while being easy to tilt and rotate. All the people in my office want one now. iPad Pro 12.9" pictured


Product meets my expectations. 90x45cm is a sufficient size for an office. Good feeling in contact with the skin, I recommend it. Correct delivery time (~ 15 days)

Happy with my purchase

Very fair product for the price. Received in good condition.

High-quality PU leather surface

Really high-quality leather surface. I ordered this particular mat because the dimensions fit my desk PERFECTLY. It covers the entire desk and is exactly what I was looking for. It doesn't have a strong plastic/vinyl smell upon opening (which is great) and my mouse easily moves across it.

Beautiful quality material

High quality PU leather and the seams are even! Delivery to UK took 12 days. The only drawback is the bends from the twisted position during delivery and did not stretch, but this is not critical and in general it does not catch sight. For its price, I think it's the best mat online!

Amazing quality and super sweet company

This desk mat is soooo much better than I was expecting honestly. It has excellent quality. The company owner left a note inside the package, and she seems very dedicated to making her customers happy. Great product, I'm very happy with my purchase :)

Color is great

This desk pad is nice I like the color it’s very thin but it lays nice and it looks quality.

Great for home office!

Now that I'm working from home for the indefinite future, I needed to brighten up my work space. This pad is the perfect addition and keeps my computer and mouse from slipping not to mention ruining my desk. Great quality for the price and I can move it to another area if I want to work from the dining room. One caution -- make sure you measure your area before buying -- it was larger than I expected but wound up fitting exactly and I actually like having my entire work area covered. I've already spilled coffee on it and it cleaned right up.

An excellent desk pad, great quality & value

Wow so far I am really impressed with the quality for the price. I researched options at many price points and chose this one. Very happy with this purchase.

It was packed nicely (rolled inside a paper wrapping), feels soft and very similar to leather (doesn’t feel cheap), and doesn’t smell at all. I unrolled it on my desk and it was laying perfectly flat the same day. Had about a week now and so far have eaten on it, spilled water/coffee on it and wiped up with no stains, no problems. I bought the grey and there has been no color transfer to anything. I haven’t tried placing anything hot on it (like a regular coffee mug) because it is clearly synthetic material and worried it might warp.

The main reason I purchased this was for my mouse, which wasn’t tracking well on a wooden table top. Also, it’s uncomfortable and cold to do work on a table without some kind of mat. This looks great, is comfortable to work on, and the mouse works perfectly now, very responsive. Highly recommend this desk pad.

A Great Way to Update an Office

I’m the kind of guy that typically has a tattered old outdated desk calendar as a desk mat. I bought this leatherette desk pad to change my image at work which makes my coworkers cringe with envy. As simple as this is, it looks super rich against my dark cherry desk. This is well made and can be flipped to show a light gray color on the opposite side. Its soft, easy to write on, odorless and easy to keep clean. It doesn’t slip around either and brings a professional look to my office. Overall I thinks its a good product and I recommend it for home of office use.

My best desk pad ever!!!

This is so far the best desk pad I ever brought!
Just look at the picture, the leather they use are soooooo good! I can’t help rubbing it! LOL
Don’t hesitate! Just get this one!

Pleasantly surprised

Wasn't sure what to expect at this price point, but am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. Easy to just roll out, and use immediately. No crease issues, or curling of the edges. The black on wood looks clean and modern. I was afraid it would look cheap, but it actually doesn't. Definitely recommend if you are looking for an inexpensive option.

Good buy

High quality faux leather, in a beautiful rich color. Fits my desktop perfectly and added that finishing touch to make it look like a professional's work station.
Only negative is that it comes very tightly rolled, so there are some small waves left in the mat after it's rolled out flat. I've had it for over 2 weeks now and they're still somewhat visible, hoping they smooth out. Other than that, it's awesome.

No frills required.

Just replaced hard surface mouse pad, at the loss of the RGB aesthetic, because I was tired of my keyboard slipping on my desk. The neoprene feels great and hefty with excellent stitching around the edges, which is a great surprise after seeing the flimsy mats with the cut edges that had been offered in the box stores.

Great and affordable

Very good quality. I am very satisfied. I would definitely recommend.

excellent if this is what you need.

The mat feels exactly like the brand which i always buy, which is Silent Monsters (and that i adore). The mats share the same material and kind of weave. The weave is tight and the surface is both super smooth while still retaining some control, and also shows nearly zero sink (which is when you mouse "sinks" in the weave if you push too hard). No spongeyness whatsoever.

Great for work desks too.

I'm not a gamer. But I was looking for something to cover the table I recently bought to use as a lockdown home desk. It's the perfect size and appears to be of good quality (I'm no expert). The sewn edges help to soften the sharp edges of the table. The two optical mice that I need to use moves smoothly over the mats surface. Very pleased with my purchase.


Just got the mat, first impression was that it looks super nice exactly the size I needed and the material looks like good quality

High Quality Mousepad for Cheap!

This pad is better than I though it would be. I just got a new computer and was in need of a mousepad when I saw this one. This thing is huge. I did not expect it to be as big as it was. My desk is barely big enough for it.

Made life easier

I got this because I'm autistic and one of the variety of sensory processing disorders I have to deal with daily is tactile... almost all non-cloth surfaces feel sticky to me, even though they are infact not sticky at all. For years, I just covered most of my desk with multiple microfiber cloths, which for the most part works fine, but the clothes can be easily displaced with even the slightest movement. My hope was that getting this pad would help simplify things while doing homework at my desk... and after only having it a few days, it definitely has. The rubber bottom keeps the pad secure in place and the material on the top is smooth enough to effortlessly move the mouse around, but also not too smooth as it also keeps my Surface Pro from sliding around while directly inking on it with the pen to do homework.

As far as the smell... it had a brief smell after removing it from the packaging, but has faded.... I can barely smell it only when getting unusually close to it. This was also a concern of mine, as I'm also sensitive to smells... mostly perfume type scents. It's possible however I got lucky, but even if that's the case, I'm still very grateful with how getting this mat has positively impacted my life.

Perfect for minimalistic look!

I recently began redecorating/organizing my room and the first thing I wanted to tackle was managing all of my cables. I chose this over the other competitors because I liked the compact/minimalistic look, allowing me to have more free space on my nightstand. When I got it, setting it up was as simple as plugging the (included) cable to a USB or into an outlet plug with the (included) power block. I love how sleek it looks, even my mom instantly asked me to send her the link to this product so she can buy her own.

Received the box a bit crumpled, charger works fine though.

I had a charging pad before and it was great until I put a case on my AirPods and it would no longer fit on the charging plug. This one on the other hand is great! It supports wireless charging and works well with anyone that might have a case on their devices like I do. Waited for about 18 days but that's expected.


Ordered for my iphone collection and for my husband's samsung. Both work great. The dock station charges my iphone 11Pro and my kids iphone 7 and 8. Charges my Apple Nike watch series 5. Now need to go buy the ipod Pro!!! Boxes arrived in good condition. Delivery took about 2 weeks.